Realop Corporation

Realop Corporation

Learn from the real world and create technologies to picture the real world!

Bussiness Introdution

We license intellectual property rights for image processing, develop and sell software, and provide technical consulting services. We will provide image processing differentiation technology to partner companies and support the increase in profits by increasing the product power of partner companies.

The technologies we are focusing on or specializing in are as follows.

  • Aberration correction...Optical learning type aberration-free restoration technology using machine learning "Optical Learning®"(Japanese Registered trademark No. 5896153, Japanese Patent No. 6164564, Chinese patent ZL2016800389144, US Patent US10,291,844, Korean patent 2,011,938)
  • Demosaic...Demosaic(RAW development) that reproduces the function of the human retina using machine learning that does not produce any artifacts such as zipper noise "AIRD™(Artificial Intelligence Retina Development)"(Japanese Patent No. 6435560)
  • Geometric transformation (keystone correction)...Geometric transformations such as keystone correction using machine learning "Keep Resolution Mapping™"
  • Electronic zoom...Arbitrary magnification electronic zoom using machine learning "Super Resolution Stepless Zoom™"
  • Sharpness...Sharpness without edging using machine learning "Visual Sharpness™"
  • Electronic depth of field control...Visual artificial intelligence using machine learning that projects far and near like the human eye "Visual AI®"(Japanese Registered trademark No. 6365294, Japanese trademark registration pending, Japanese Patent No. 6694626)
  • Image quality evaluation

We develop and sell algorithms that reproduce super-resolution and visual characteristics using AI (machine learning).

AI image


  • Image processing related technical consulting business
  • Lecture

 ・AI Optics Research Group of the Optical Society of Japan
 ・"CODE V Special Seminar 2018" by Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.
 ・the 63rd "Key Person Study Group" of Japan Techno-Economics Society

  • Writing

 ・"Comparison of Smartphone/Mirrorless/GoPro Camera Ability" in the November 2020 issue of the magazine "Interface"
 ・"Image quality evaluation of cameras and displays" in the August 2020 issue of the magazine "Interface"
 ・the special feature "AI Era Image Processing Textbook" in the July 2020 issue of the magazine "Interface"
 ・"Aberration-free restoration technology by optical learning" in the special feature "Wearable and VR / AR optics" in the June 2018 issue of the monthly OPTRONICS


  • Development and sales of image processing software
  • Development and sales of software using GPGPU
  • Dictionary (learning data) generation service


  • Image processing algorithms and intellectual property licenses